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Landa Coldiron, and specially trained search dogs help to locate your lost pet in California.


I am not a licensed Private Investigator nor a detective. If you have a stolen pet or lost property contact a Licensed PI at www.petsearchandrescueinvestigations.com 

I specialize in educating people about lost cat and dog behavior.

Diana is my advanced trailing Bloodhound used  to establish a Direction of Travel (DOT) in instances where CATS and FRIENDLY DOGS are missing. 

Pepper Potts is my second Bloodhound who has been responsible for many finds.

Apple Mae, my novice Bloodhound, has recently joined the team and is up and working cases.

My Jack Russell Terrier, Cowgirl, is an evidence detection/blood alert dog.

The Search Dogs are ONE TOOL that can be used when a pet goes missing.  

I have trained with Bloodhound Coalition Members, retired police, Search and Rescue Managers, volunteer Sheriff K9 handlers and California Rescue Dog Association/Area Search and Trailing Dog personnel.  I am a member of  the National Search Dog Alliance and a former member of the NSDA Education Committee. Former clients have included the Riverside County Sheriff Department, major pet outlets, celebrities, veterinarians, and a major motion picture television studio.  

FOUND in target search area 

Ebenezer, an Indoor-Only Xenophobic Himalayan went missing shortly after a move. Our team of Search Dogs targeted a specific search area and left the owner with search techniques. 

 Within one hour after our team left the scene, Ebenezer was FOUND ALIVE in the Target Search Area!!!!  "Bumped" out of hiding by Search Dogs.

"Thank you guys so much...I was so worried...Ebenezer is still freaked out about the move, but home safe and sound...I just didn't know what to do and am so glad I called on your team."  
San Diego, CA

Ebenezer reunited with Tim!!!

1. National Search Dog Alliance Member and former member of the NSDA Education Committee.

2.  Extensive training with Kat Albrecht, founder of Missing Pet Partnership.  Kat is a retired police officer, award-winning Bloodhound handler and Search & Rescue Manager.  She is also a published author of "The Lost Pet Chronicles" and "Dog Detectives, Finding Fido".

3.  Ellie Mae and I coached by a Founder of the Bloodhound Coaltion.  Also, extensive training with retired California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) members and Bloodhound Coalition members - names given upon request. 

4.  Attended Advanced Trailing Dog Training seminar  with Marcia Koenig, Director of many National Search Dog Disaster Groups. (2007)

5.  Guest speaker at the 80th annual Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, NV 2008 where over 13,000 veterinarians, technicians and students attended.

6.  Attended Beginning Animal Movement / Tracking  training seminar taught by published author, Jim Lowery. (2007)

7.  Shown  in Kat Albrecht’s book "Dog Detectives, Finding Fido..”  

8.  Seen on major TV news channels,  including news in Palm Springs, San Diego, Ventura County, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside & San Francisco.

9.  Many magazine articles written on me and Ellie Mae featuring my work as a Pet Detective, including Animal Wellness, Humane Society and Southwest Airline Magazines.

10.  Seen in newspapers such as San Diego Union Tribune, Ventura County Star, Foothill Sentinel & the Whittier Tribune.

11.  FRONT PAGE of the Los Angeles Daily News - October 20, 2008.

12.  Fifteen years actively working lost pet cases in the field. 

13.  Published Co-author of “Pick of the Pack - Selecting Your Canine Partner” - NSDA 2008.  To order:   http://www.n-sda.org/depot/manuscript-collection.php

14.  Called out on cases by Riverside County Sheriff Department, Pet Smart, CBS Studios and major celebrities. 

15.  Featured on Animal Planet “DOGS 101" in November 2008.  http://animal.discovery.com/videos/dogs-101-bloodhound.html

16.  Guest speaker at the American Veterinary Medical Association convention - July 2009 in Seattle, WA

17.  Featured in ALL ANIMALS, May/June 2009 issue.

18.  Filmed for segment on www.petstv.com which recently broadcasted in January 2011.

19.  Two page story in "Your Cats Magazine", November 2009  issue.  View online at www.yourcat.co.uk

20.  Feature story in www.valleylifemagazine.com  April/May 2010 with front cover mention.

21.  June 2010 www.petage.com - Interviewed for article on "Dealing with Animal Escapes from your Grooming and Boarding Facility".

22.  June 2010 www.voiceofthevillage.org  "Local Pet Detective Helps Locate the Lost"
Volume 1, Issue 8, Page 16...view online

23.  Shown in Kyra Sundance's 2010 published book  (page 88) "101 Ways to do More with your Dog"

24.  October 13, 2010 - Ellie Mae nominated into the California Veterinary Medical Association Animal Hall of Fame.


Kai, an indoor only cat that had just moved with his family has slipped outside. There were no calls, sightings or leads in 5 days.  I was called in with the Search Dogs on day 10.  The dogs all led to a similar area in a field two blocks away which backed up to the 118 freeway.   A plan of action was given to the owners.  The owners followed my plan and three days later on 5/28/09, he was sighted just beyond the target area.  Kai had gotten about 1/2 mile from his home.  

"Kai was found last night!  My girlfriend is very very happy.  Thank you SO MUCH...we were losing hope.  He was in the exact direction your dogs led, but further away...it seems he may have crossed the 118 freeway or a very major street to end up where he did...unbelievable."

Simi Valley, CA

Shadow FOUND 
Outdoor Access Cat
Lost 5 days
Bloodhounds have WALK UP FIND
on fur remains- FORENSIC TEST CONFIRMED MATCH.....interesting to note that even though Shadow was an all black cat, parts of the fur found were tipped in white.
Thanks again for everything, Landa. This job must be tough for you, having to give unhappy news to distraught pet owners.  I know you help recover many lost pets, but the stories that don't end so happily must be hard on you, as well as the pet owners themselves. Thank you for taking the time to come and help my family with our tragedy.  I could kick myself a thousand times for allowing Shadow to be an outdoor cat, and not having any clue how high the dangers were, what with predators and coyotes around here, but I just didn't know.  My family had to learn the hard way, and Shadow paid a very steep price

Oak Park, CA
Calliou FOUND 
Lost 5 days
Indoor Only Cat
Bloodhounds have a WALK UP FIND 
on matching fur remains
Forensics confirmed a match
Thank you for the closure, we had a service for Calliou on Sunday.  
Search Dogs brought in on day 11
Annabelle was humanely trapped in the target search area on the 14th day!!
From: meghop@charter.net
Landa I can't believe it - we got Annabelle back this morning! 14 days missing!!

She was waiting for us in the backyard trap, the one on our side of the wall where you had us place it after working your dogs.  I had to do a double take when I saw her because I was half asleep and her fur had darkened from being outside I think. 

I can't begin to thank you for all your help and support - we never would have caught her without you and your dogs - we were trapping in the wrong places and wouldn't have known how to do the flyers or develop leads on where she was seen. You are a sweet person that truly cares about your clients and their pets, and that's your greatest asset. 
Santa Barbara, CA

New Years Day FIND!!!
This darling little yorkie mix went missing on New Years Day.  There were no leads or sightings.  I was called out on New Years morning. Glory established a correct and crucial direction of travel leading to the recovery of Paisley the same day!!!!

"Landa:  How does one even put words to an experience that transcends what language provides us?  Simply put:  without your help we never would have seen Paisley again. Tonight, our family enjoyed a wonderful night together as any family would and we're thankful for our time together....impossible without your fierce help and focused search.   From the bottom of our hearts (and paws)...thank you"

Pasadena, CA
PUMA lost during a thunderstorm
Outdoor access cat   No sightings or leads
Search Dogs brought in and targeted a nearby search area...The next morning, Puma came home!  

**This is a case where I believe the owners walked the scent trail and Puma followed them home.

"We are so excited and thankful that Puma is home..thank you for all your advice and work"
Long Beach, CA
Lily, a shy skittish German Shepherd, jumped out the window when her paw accidentally hit the "down" button.  There were sightings the first couple of hours, but then nothing for 4 days.  We were called out to help organize a search effort.  It took us 8 hours to get a "confirmed" sighting which led to the capture of Lily the next morning! 

Hi Landa..... Today is a healing day for all of us. Lily is the least affected by this. She only had one tiny nightmare last night but she heard my voice and it went away. Her paw pads are very worn down but don't seem to hurt her now that she's on grass and carpet. 

 I'm following up on thank you's to phone sightings that came in due to your hard work.  I've already referred you to Westside and to one specific dog who took off last night.  Thanks to you we learn and pass it on. Thank you for your steadiness and good spirits and big thanks to that gorgeous doggie of yours. I've never been that close to a Bloodhound before. Sounds silly but it's true. What a wonderful, spiritual dog. I want to do something very special for you. Lily sends her love. Wish you could have seen her.

References from this client given upon request.
My boyfriend and I adopted my cat, Pistol, exactly one month before my father passed away. It was an extremely dark time in our lives, but Pistol gave us a sense of peace that nothing else could.  When she disappeared we were terrified.  We checked all over our condominium complex but could not find her anywhere.  This was extremely unsettling because she never strayed away from the community courtyard and always came home when we called for her.  We didn’t know what to do.  Early the next morning we made calls to every animal hospital and shelter in our county, we made posters, we went door-to-door and asked all our neighbors if they had seen her, and we posted ads in our local newspaper.  By the end of the day, we had no leads and we were tired and emotionally spent.  We feared the worst.  

I found Landa's service online, and after our first telephone conversation, I already felt more empowered.  She gave me all the information I needed to begin a large scale campaign to find my cat.  On the morning of the third day, Landa arrived at my house after a two hour drive.  Her presence alone was incredibly reassuring.  It was clear she knew what she was doing.  I no longer felt helpless.  Within the first fifteen minutes of her arrival, Landa got me started on a giant Lost Cat banner and before I knew it, her lovely dogs were on the trail.  After a few hours, Landa brought us along to retrace her steps.  She informed us that all three of her dogs indicated that Pistol traveled into the next apartment complex and headed past the fence lining the 101 freeway.  The dogs even found some of Pistols fur on the fence. I was horrified!  I didn’t want to believe that my cat had crossed the freeway, but I trusted the dogs.  My boyfriend and I prayed that she either made it across or was still hiding in the brush nearby.  After debriefing us, Landa headed back to Los Angeles.  On her way out, she found a deceased tabby cat in the middle of the freeway and bravely ran out into the lanes and brought it back so we could identify it.  It wasn’t Pistol, but we were still shaken.  The odds of a cat making it across the freeway safely were extremely poor.  Even so, I followed Landa’s instructions and posted signs around the perimeter she created for us.  As soon as I arrived home, I received a call.  The caller claimed Pistol had been hanging out in his backyard for two days and he and his neighbors had been feeding her.  We rushed over.  

It was Pistol!  She had indeed crossed the 101 freeway exactly where Glory indicated and traveled in a straight line until she found her rescuers down the road!!!!!  I was completely amazed!  Landa and her team were spot on! I can honestly say that if I had not called Lost Pet Detection, I would never have known to place signs across the freeway, and I never would have found my beloved cat.  Landa’s service is invaluable.  When you hire Landa, you don’t just hire her search dogs, you hire the entire package. She not only found my cat, she educated me on how to prevent her escape ever again.  She knows what does and does not work when finding lost pets.  She is worth every single penny and much, much more!  Everyone in my complex was flabbergasted when I told them the pet detective found my cat.  Landa is now a celebrity in my neighborhood!  If I were missing, she is the person I would want looking for me!
Santa Barbara, CA

Early one morning, my indoor only cat, Duckie, slipped outside through a door I had accidentally left open.  I realized within an hour that she was gone, and my husband and I frantically began searching our yard and neighboring yards, and calling for her.  I was terrified as we were moving to DC, and she had never gotten out in LA, she is declawed, and she wasn't wearing a collar.  We spent all day making flyers and walking around looking for her.  My husband found Lost Pet Detection through a google search, and I contacted Landa that afternoon.  I received a phone consultation, which included the Lost Cat Manual, and learned some techniques that I would not have thought of otherwise.  Landa was great about calming my fears, and it really helped to have some concrete things I could do to try to get Duckie back, instead of just fretting and hoping that she would come back on her own.  Landa came out on Friday with her dogs after Duckie had been missing for 4 days.

The dogs found Duckie's scent trail and were able to pinpoint three buildings (out of literally rows and rows of building) where she most likely was hiding.  That evening, my husband and I set up a humane trap in that area.  Right after we set up the trap, I walked through the area to point out to my husband some places the dogs had indicated Duckie had been.  Right away, we saw Duckie in the bushes near one of the locations the search dogs had indicated.  She darted into a crawl space and within 10 minutes we managed to coax her out.  I know that Landa and her dogs were key to getting Duckie back.  It seemed like the dogs had likely "bumped" Duckie out of her hiding spot, and we were able to find her just by going to the area the dogs had indicated.  I am so glad I didn't wait to call Landa, because I think I would still be searching for my cat.  She helped immensely- cutting down on the time and stress it took to get Duckie home.

Hollywood, CA

When Hoochie went missing, there were two sightings the first couple of hours she went missing and then nothing .  I was called in on the 7th day.  Ellie Mae and my jack Russell terrier, Apache, ran a trail a few blocks to a busy local SMOG station where the scent trail ended.

A plan was immediately put into action.  Within TWO hours Hoochie was home!

I am so thankful to you and your team....As you know, I couldn't eat or sleep all week..and was doubtful that I would ever see Hoochie again.  You really gave me hope and I know you did a lot of extra work for me...rose90815@charter.net
Long Beach, CA

Landa: I FOUND CAMPARI TONIGHT! She was in the bushes outside of the parking garage--right where your dogs indicated!  She actually ran into the garage and I had to call her to come out. She is OK--very dirty but OK:)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  If you ever need a testimonial, Id be happy to help.  andreacannistraci@mac.com           HERMOSA BEACH, CA

  Outdoor Access Cat - LOST SEVEN DAYS

WALK UP FIND by team of Search Dogs - This was a very residential neighborhood.  It took 3 1/2 hrs. with 5 search dogs and 2 handlers to find remains.
"Although I was hoping for a different outcome, I had a feeling that it was bad news.  Thank you girls so much for the closure you brought my family." 

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Outdoor Access Cat - Lost Eight Days
Search dogs located fur remains day of search - forensics showed fur was 'CONSISTENT' with known fur 
"It was really nice meeting you both and your truly amazing dogs. Though the news was awful, it wasn't unexpected with his sudden disappearance. Coyotes. No one around here considers them an issue anymore, but obviously things have changed. I'll definitely be speaking to my neighbors to warn them.

I did go to the flagged area this afternoon where your dogs found the fur, and was able to follow bits of fur down to the fence, where the coyote must have jumped over. There was one big tuft on the other side of the chain link that appears obviously Siamese--dark tips, lighter at the base, I'm sure it's Boon. The color on this last sample is just like him. 

I'm sorry you didn't get to meet him. He was such a lovely boy.  We are so going to miss him. He will also be the last cat we ever own who is allowed free access outside."

ilandr@earthlink.net   CAMARILLO, CA

Reiko, an Outdoor Access Cat lost five days..
Unfortunately, the Search Dogs led to fur and blood remains within 200 ft. of her home.  Forensics indicated fur was 'CONSISTENT' with known fur samples.

"Thank you for all you do.  I thought she was safe outside, as she always stayed very close to home."
Ian Ho
email or phone number provided upon request
Hacienda Heights, CA

Gladys, Outdoor Access Cat lost 9 days
High coyote territory....

Search dogs were brought in on the 10th day, and determined a direction of travel which ended at the hole below the wooden fence seen here at the right.  There was no way through or around.  This area led to a larger green space which was cut off by fencing and the LA River Basin.  This was in the cat's known territory - at about 300 ft.

it is unusual that an outdoor access cat with a known territory  will not eventually come back home.  She may have been chased by a predator and dared not to come out again; or possibly suffered a mini stroke due to her age.

I am thrilled beyond belief!!! Thanks to your Search Dogs, I would have never known to look under there...... 

I packed a backpack with a towel, a flashlight, some canned food, and my phone! I went to  the "high scent" spot you marked on the map.  I shined the light into the whole under the deck over the wash and started calling her, and she started meowing. She seemed a little disoriented, but she came slowly at first. Then I opened the little can of food and she came over and started eating. I pulled her out, wrapped the towel around her and let her eat as we walked home. 

 She lost a considerable amount of weight, but seems fine otherwise.

Thank you Landa, I'm so incredibly glad I found you!!!

La Canada Flintridge, CA


Emma - Indoor only cat
Lost 11 days
From: (pripley05@hotmail.com)

"Thank you Landa, you and your dogs have been such a godsend during this entire ordeal."
Dana Point, CA

Outlaw, Indoor only Cat lost 8 days

Unfortunately, the Search Dogs did find fur remains which, when tested by forensics, came back CONSISTENT.

"I am heartbroken, but want to thank  you for your compassion and help during this sad time in my life"
Burbank, CA

Chance - Brittany Spaniel 
Chance was located on the 17th day (two days after the Search Dogs were brought out) and an aggressive plan of action was put into place by us.

From: RGarza1000@aol.com
Subject: Chance is home and safe tonight!

No words could explain how I feel. All the hard work you two put in paid off tonight! 

I am so grateful to the two of you. The work you do is so thorough and precise, I never in my wildest imagination would have thought of the things you two suggested. I have never met  two professionals that are as dedicated as you are. Thanks for contacting all the people that were involved in the search including the City of Lemon Grove's Clerk, the San Diego Brittany Spaniel Club (who both contacted me personally and contributed help) and many others.  I highly recommend these two woman to any one who has lost a pet. 

Yours Truly 
Capt. Rick Garza
Desert Air Ambulance
Somewhere along the Mexican Border..........
 Subject: Re: Charlie
 From: howevet2@aol.com

Hi Landa....Sorry this took so long to get back with you, but
I have Charlie, in his cage, wings trimmed, he is well! It was very 
strange.   It took about a week to get him back after the first call from the person who said she knew who had him. I am just  so grateful to you and that I have  him back.  I had given up hope.  Very, very thankful!

Charlie - White Goffin Cockatoo
Search Dogs out on 10/21/10

My Bloodhound Ellie Mae and Apache, my JRT, determined that Charlie had flown over the owner's back wall and across 2 buildings to a main street.  The scent trail ended in bushes near a busy apartment building.  A plan was put into action.

Two days later, the owner gets a call that Charlie was rescued from these exact bushes (on the same day he went missing) where my Search Dogs had led!  Apparently, the owner had trouble getting him returned,  but eventually she did get him back.
Valley Village, CA
25.  Interviewed for article (March 2011) in "Parenting Magazine"  by  Sandy Fernandez who writes the column "Ages and Stages" 

26.  Interviewed for 2011 feature article by owner and publisher (Scott Fayner) of the online dog magazine:  http://massarf.com/ 

27.  Article on my work as a Bloodhound Handler  published in "The Boston Globe" 2011

28.  Interviewed on USC's  nightly television talk show on February 22, 2011.  It is broadcast on Trojan Vision Television  (www.trojanvision.com) and Los Angeles Channel 36.
29.  Interviewed by Marta Bright,  editor for Oracle  (a book publication) for a May 2011 short story.  This article profiles me and my business partner's expertise in finding missing pets using state-of-the-art  technology such as GPS, satellite mapping, Ocams, night vision, capture nets, forensics, wildlife camera, luminol and more.  Click on the link below to read the digital article:     http://www.profitmagazinedigital.com/profitmagazine/201105?sub_id=UW0tt0AUiAcX#pg12

Quote from the Humane Society:

“Those of us who do not find our lost pets, each contribute a full share to the multi-millions of lost and abandoned pets dying in the country every year. 

We each have a personal, humane, and social obligation to find our pets.”

Patrick, a shy skittish dog, bolted out of the house as his owner was taking him for a walk - his leash attached.  I came out with Glory and she established that he was running around the mobile home park where he lived, darting and doubling back.  A very aggressive plan of action was put into place by me.  Within FIVE HOURS Patrick was home!

 "I was giving up allready and had lost hope as I knew Patrick was a very scared dog and I am a senior citizen limited in mobility.  Landa took over the whole search, did everything for me and due to her efforts, Patrick was found. Landa did not charge me for her efforts.  I cannot believe it or ever thank her enough."
Sunland, CA

Buddah, an outdoor access cat missing 12 days...no sightings.

Glory was scented on bedding and immediately led out of the front yard to a neighboring property and then across a street and around a building to a green space area.  She made several other turns from that point and ended the trail under an umbrella tree.  Upon searching for evidence, matching clumps of fur were found (unfortunately). NOTE:  The trail was about 1,850 ft. with several turns.  There were NO barriers such as fences, irate neighbors, etc.  This was a difficult trail.  It was 12 days old with layered and blended scent.  

Glory worked at her maximum potential on this case.  This is what a Trailing Dog is bred to do.  Follow a scent trail from point A to point B; providing a direction of travel with the location of evidence and/or the subject along the way..

"Thank you Landa, Even though we didn't get our boy back. There is at least some comfort in the closure ,and the ability to let go.  Thanks again."
Jimi & Karen 
Big Bear City, CA

30.  Co-Published Author 2010:  Lost Cat Recovery Guide.  This 184 page Guide is available for $25 direct from me.  It is invaluable.  Email me for a FREE SAMPLE.  I download it to you in .pdf format.

31.  Co-Published Author 2011: Lost Dog Recovery Guide. This 194 page Guide is invaluable with pictures, tips, tricks, testimonials and actual case files. Available for $25.

32.  April 22, 2011 - Ellie Mae WINS the CVMA Animal Hall of Fame Award!

33.  Guest Lecturer on Lost Dog and Lost Cat Behavior at the 84th Annual  Western Veterinary Conference - Las Vegas - February 23, 2012

Subject: Re: Chloe
From: adolfodlv@aol.com

My wife and I are devastated by the news, as I'm sure you already know. Thank you so much for giving us an answer as to what happened to our beloved Chloe.  It was not the answer we wanted but an answer non the less. Landa what you and your team have done for us is priceless and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Take care and God bless.
My team of Search Dogs was called out 9 days after Chloe went missing from her front yard.  There had been no calls or sightings.  The Bloodhounds both ran a similar trail to an open field where the scent ended.  I then worked my decomp dog, Apache, who "alerted" on some coyote scat along the scent trail.  Upon closer inspection, I found red fur which appeared to  match Chloe's fur in  the scat.  This was sent to forensics were (unfortunately)  a match was confirmed.  

Lost Pet Detection
818 442 2952
Some cases and testimonials
Baby One - Limited Outdoor Access Cat (rooftop access) -  Missing 5 days

Landa!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work, and your dogs too. I couldn't be more pleased. Baby One and I have been having a love fest all evening...he is so relieved to be home he hasn't left my side all night (or I his)!

I think its just miraculous to have found him like we did. I don't know how rare it is for a cat to actually follow its search team...I mean, I know you spoke of the dogs bumping cats out, but how often will they actually follow the team to be found on the spot!!!? I really think he wouldn't have been able to find his way home without you and your dogs...he was just so disoriented. His following you and your dogs was the key that led him back home!!! And it was the best of all possible scenarios! 

I just think some angel was watching over everything this morning, and somehow Baby One knew to trust you and your dogs. Its just awesome. And thank you for the scent trail map. I will probably frame it and put it on the wall as a reminder to persevere in the face of what appears to be an overwhelming and insurmountable task. 

From the bottom of our hearts Baby One and I THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! We are eternally grateful, and please give each of your dogs a kiss for me, but tell Apache to leave off with the alligator snapping and the surly growling and put up with it! ha ha

To: <shannonki@juno.com>
34.  9/28/12 - Glory passes a difficult Certification test given by Teresa Bressoud of Hillbilly Hound Hunters.
 35.  Guest Speaker at Webinar given by Kat Albrecht on  April 13, 2013 from 9 to 11 a.m. Subjects discussed are Displaced and Outdoor Cat Behavior when lost, Behavior of the Pet Owner, Grief Avoidance and Behavior of the Rescuer.  
36.  Speaker at the 86th Annual Western Veterinary Conference - February 2014.  For information on this conference:  https://www.wvc.org/

37.  Guest Speaker at Webinar given by Kat Albrecht on August 12, 2013 from 5 to 7 p.m. Topics included Trailing Dogs and Search Theory. 

38.  September 4, 2013 article in Malibu Times about my Search Dogs:   http://www.malibutimes.com/malibu_life/article_4dc88f0a-152e-11e3-a1b8-001a4bcf887a.html
39.  October 19, 2013:  Watch YouTube video of me and Glory on 'CONVERSATIONS WITH A PIT BULL' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuMN1Tynvb8
40.  February 2014:  Article titled "Animal Attraction" in  Aurora Magazine:  http://theauroramagazine.com/pets/pets-finding-lost-pets-big-business-furry-family-members-go-missing/

41.  June 12. 2014 - Glory earns a spot as a Semi-Finalist in the 2014 Hero Dog Awards

42.  February 24, 2015 - Glory is nominated in the 2015 Hero Dog Awards

43.  May 2015 - Diana and I featured in the International Magazine:  Speak-Up

44.  July 2, 2015 - La Jolla Light newspaper:  What a Cat Caper!  http://www.lajollalight.com/news/2015/jul/01/Jain-Malkin-Lost-Cat-Caper/

44.  July 4, 2015 - Glory WINS prestigious national title of 2015 Hero Dog - Search and Rescue Category   www.herodogawards.com

45.  July 25, 2015 - Interview on Pet Life Radio with Dr. Robin Ganzert http://www.petliferadio.com/behumaneep53.html

46.  2016 Glory featured in National Geographic Kids:  True Stories of Amazing Animal Heroes by Mary Quattlebaum  www.kids.nationalgeographic.com

47.  2016 Glory featured in Rebecca Ascher-Walsh's book:  LOYAL - 38 Inspiring Tales of Bravery, Heroism and the Devotion of Dogs. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

48.  March 21, 2016 www.sierrawave.net  Sierra Wave Media  'Glory' to help search for lost dog

49.  K9 Magazine November 18, 2015, Issue 88.  'Forget Ace Ventura Pet Detective - Meet the Dog who Searches for Lost Pets'

50.  Glory was featured twice in PEOPLE Magazine. October 19, 2015. She also made the May 2016 PEOPLE Collectors Edition. Page 50.

51.  May 1, 2019 Diana featured in two full color pages in OCRegister.com 

52.  November 4, 2015 TOP STORY in Big Bear Grizzly news:  "More Than a Job"

53.  November 26, 2019 Home Page-The Foothills Paper "Diana searches for lost dog Hazel"

54.  January 4, 2019 www.cbs8.com 'La Mesa: Gus the English Bulldog missing since Christmas Day'

55.  December 30, 2018 News Channel 3 KEYT.COM  'Santa Barbara resident calls in canine search team to find her missing dog'

56.  September 2020 - Signed book deal with Austin Macauley Publishers,LLC for Book One:  "The Bloodhound Handler, Adventures of a Real Life Pet Detective"

57.  Book release:  May 31, 2022
Award - Winning  Bloodhounds help track your lost cat or dog. California based. Seventeen years experience. Forensic testing available.
Landa and her team are extraordinary. I called her six days after my cat Monte escaped. It had rained during that six days, and Landa said no problem. She came with her three dogs, and brought them into the house one and time. Each time, she would have each dog would sniff all around the house, then sniff the room my other two cats were in, and they would figure out the scent of the one who wasn't there, and off they'd go outside. Each dog took a nearly identical path (Landa's report included a satellite image showing the details of all three trails). Unfortunately, that path ended in an open field, and there had been coyote activity that fated night.  Glory found a tuft of hair the color of Monte's. Landa took it for analysis in a lab, and it was consistent with Monte's. I was so grateful to solve the mystery, even though it was heartbreaking. Missing pets are sooooo hard to find, and even though Monte had a microchip , I was afraid that could go unchecked if a person had found him. I highly, highly recommend Landa and her crew, including Glory, Diana, and Apache."  tracyseffer@gmail.com  Thousand Oaks, CA
Landa, we can't thank you enough for everything you've done. Helping us find closure for our kitty is worth so much to us-- we loved her so very dearly, and living with ambiguity would have been so much harder than being able to start mourning her loss.

We are so grateful to you and your wonderful team.  Camille.schenkkan@gmail.com.

    Glory, 2015  American Humane                            Search Dog of the Year
           Owner:  Landa Coldiron

      Ellie Mae, 2011 Winner California
      Veterinary Animal Hall of Fame
               Owner:  Landa Coldiron

To: Landa Coldiron
From: gosuperglow@hotmail.com

Hi Landa, Thank you so much for the many long hours you and Annalisa spent day and night trying to locate Lola. The news was indeed sad, but we had a feeling it would be. We have closure now which helps. No more wondering and worrying if Lola was OK. 
I am in awe of the work you do to try and reunite lost pets with their families. Your compassion for animals and the dedication you have to your work are rare qualities indeed. We were very fortunate you were available to help us locate Lola. We thank the canine search team as well. They certainly earn their treats. 
The best to you/

Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 

Once again thanks to you and your dogs, we were able to locate a missing cat and recover her safely and unharmed. We had noticed one of the cats had managed to find her way out of a sanctuary and disappear into the underbrush in a reasonably remote area. We had no idea as to where she went and I assumed the likelihood of finding her was near zero, but I wanted closure anyway. For the third time over the years, you and your dogs detected the location of the missing animal in about an hour. Fortunately, and very surprisingly, she was safe and unharmed. I would like to once again thank you and your wonderful dogs for bringing this stressful situation to a unexpected but very positive outcome.  


On May 12, 2018, at 5:26 PM, Bill Lovelock <blovelock@hotmail.com> 
Bobo's home!   Nancy received a text along with a photo of a very depressed looking Bobo last night. The person agreed to meet us with Bobo at 1PM today at a nearby Jack in The Box. We drove there with the dog’s papers, photos and $500 reward. The young lady was not particularly nice or friendly and Nancy had the feeling she didn’t really want to give up the dog, but she did so we gave her the money and left with the dog. She said she picked up the dog at Briarwood and Alsacia (right where your bloodhounds ended the trail!!!) Said he was wandering around in the intersection.

 We casually mentioned that we had hired Blood Hounds to follow Bobo’s trail and it ended on Alsacia and Briarwood. We did not ask the girl her name or anything like that. She had another car with her with a couple of friends in case there was a problem but they tried to stay hidden. They stayed after we left to make sure we left in a different direction from the girl so we couldn’t follow her home.

Hiring you and your wonderful dogs was the best thing we did because you gave us the direction of travel and taught us how to make the posters and where to place them. You also gave us hope and encouragement that really helped us get through the week. 

Bobo had a bath and I’m waiting for him to dry a bit before I snap a picture to send to you. I’ve never seen a happier dog and he was REALLY surprised to see us again. We are very happy to have him back home and our other dogs are also much happier again now that he is back home.

Thank you so much for all of your invaluable help, Landa. You really perform an outstanding service!