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I work with a highly regarded Forensic Scientist.

Many times, my Search Dogs will lead to fur or scat containing possible evidence.  I have found that with just a "visual" examination, it is usually impossible to tell if the fur matches your pet.  

Forensics can compare fur (or fur found in scat) to KNOWN samples of fur from your pet to check for "consistency".  Meaning: "Is the fur a forensic match?"  The lab will microscopically look at core and root samples, pigmentation, coloring, length and striation. This greatly helps with closure. 

To: caninesearchdog@hotmail.com
Subject:  Whitey - CAT

The fur your Search Dogs found along the scent trail is CONSISTENT with the fur sample collected from Whitey's brush.  I am sending you an original of the report along with the exhibits by priority mail.  I am attaching a copy of the report for your records. 
Best regards,
Stewart Forensics

Landa:  Thanks for following up and the report.  At least we now know.  If it weren't for Ellie Mae and Apache running a trail and 
finding the fur almost 1/4 mile away, we never would have had closure.  It is a sad day for us, but your dogs are amazing.

Brady/feline - fur  found on golf course and hanging from brush along scent trail - CONSISTENT with control sample.
Tonto/feline - Fur found on scent trail - CONSISTENT
with control sample.
      Patti/canine - Fur found in blood evidence - CONSISTENT
To:  esmer0370@aol.com
From:  caninesearchdog@hotmail.com
Date:  Sat, 24 May 2008
Subject:  Your cat, Birdie

Tests were performed on both samples of fur from the different yards; one where the blood and fur remains were found by Apache and the yard where the small tuft of fur was found by Lilly....Both were a match to your Birdie.  We are so very sorry for your family.  We will send you the fur remains per your request, along with the finalized report.

From:  esmer0370@aol.com

Thanks for your response and all the help from you, Annalisa and your dogs.  We are all in shock and grieving at home.  We all want to thank you for your compassion and understanding that you provided our family.  Esmerelda

Gavi/feline - Fur found along scent trail is CONSISTENT with control samples 
Mancha/feline - all fur along scent trail "CONSISTENT"
with known fur samples
Barnabus/canine - Fur found at end of scent trail "CONSISTENT" with known samples of canine fur

RE: Forensic Analysis Report
From:  Leslie May (lesliermay@hotmail.com)  

"Thank you Landa and Annalisa
Today is a very hard day.  Thank you for your efforts. Without you we would have never known.

Thank you both, with all my heart."

Outdoor Access Cat missing 2 weeks...Abigail had been allowed to roam outside for 7 years. Trailing Dog led about 1/2 mile away to small entrance at Reservoir area where suspicious fur was found.  Also, a drop of blood was found nearby by our Blood Detection Dog.  

Forensic Analysis confirmed hair was 'CONSISTENT" with the known sample of Abigail's fur.  
CHARLIE/FELINE - Fur, coyote scat with fur found by Search Dogs CONSISTENT with KNOWN sample

From: ashley@ashleypittman.com


Thank you. I think I knew in my heart it was Lefty,  but this brings me closure that I really needed. I really appreciate how professional and thorough you've been. I really appreciate all you've done and there is no other way I could have known for sure what happened to my baby. Thank you